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Our Taekwondo classes range from Little Warriors  to Adult classes.

With a variety of classes suited to different age groups, Spirit Warrior brings not only TKD technique but martial arts philosophy and mindset.  

We are affiliated with the Richard Chun Taekwondo Association and follow the Moodukwan curriculum.
Our Little Warriors Class (ages 5-7)  caters to the individual growth of each child 

In addition to Taekwondo technique, these classes spotlight
* Listening skills
* Directional sequencing
* Respect
* Discipline
* Confidence
* Focus  
* Fitness
* Self-Esteem
Our Junior Warrior class focuses on the 8-12 age group​  
In addition to Taekwondo technique, this class spotlights
* Respect & Discipline
* Confidence & Focus
* Fitness 
* Self-Esteem
*Decision Making
*Goal Setting
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Our adult class selections encompass  the arts of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Haedong Kumdo
In addition to technique, these classes bring forth a deeper understanding of the philosophy and mindset of the Spirit Warrior.
As well as..
* Self-Defense
* Confidence
* Self-Esteem
* Weight-Loss
* Stress-Relief
* Mindset
* Enhanced Fitness
* Community and Friendship
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