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School Policy:

Spirit Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Arts, hereinafter called "School" agrees to provide the student with instruction in the art of Korean Martial Arts and/or Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Tai -Chi or any other class we offer.  The School agrees to furnish a competent instructor at all times. In return for such instruction, purchaser agrees to pay the School the monthly membership fees as outlined in the membership sign-up form.  Failure of student to take classes at any given time does not relieve purchaser of obligation  for payment.  Purchaser agrees that no claim for refund of any amount paid will be granted by reason of student's absence or withdrawal from the School.  In the event of vacation, purchaser must inform School of the lapse in attendance, but is still obligated to pay the monthly membership fee. Upon return, student will have the opportunity to schedule private or semi-private session that will bring student current with training that was missed.  This contract is non-cancelable and non-assignable by purchaser.  The School reserves the right to change the hours, days and place of training at any time without advance notice. 

While reasonable care is taken to minimize accidents, purchaser understands that the nature of this activity involves risk of injury and the the purchaser and student agrees to hold the School, it's officers, instructors, guests and members free and harmless from any liability or damages for any injuries sustained by student while attending the School or as a participant in events sanctioned by or sponsored by the School.  Purchaser also understands that the student is required to obey the School's rules of conduct.  Should student bring discredit to him/herself or to the School by any means of improper conduct on his/her part, it is understood that the School can, at its sole discretion, cancel this contract and no refund of any amount will be made.

Purchaser understands that promotion testing is performed at the School's discretion and that the student will only be eligible to test upon recommendation of the instructor.  This contract does not include testing fees, which are in addition to the amounts shown in the monthly membership fee.  Purchaser hereby represents the he/she has no knowledge of any physical condition with would render the student unable to participate in this activity.

Students who are on a month-to-month membership and are not current or consecutive with tuition payment will be considered inactive and no longer a student.  Returning students will be subject to a reinstatement fee and their tuition will be adjusted to the most current rate applicable. 

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